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PostSubject: Wrath   9/5/2010, 7:12 am

Okay, so I started this story in January... and never got around to continuing it... probably won't be continued any time soon, but thought I might upload it anyway... read if you want, and feel free to review, leave comments etc.

Note: Forgive me if the layout is bad, it's not like that on my word document... guess it doesn't like being copy & pasted... can't be bothered to fix it. :/

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PostSubject: Re: Wrath   9/5/2010, 7:13 am


Hey there, my name is Glenn Salter; 17 years of age. I’m just your ordinary human being that is travelling with strange companions, my good friends, finding rare and mystical items on the way. The Keepers of Destiny have set us all up to stop the ones that try to bring Armageddon upon this world and the next. It is our job to destroy these intruders, and find out why the Keepers had chosen us.
Sorry, let me go back a little. I’ll tell you how it all started… and how it all ended. As much as I’d love to skip to where we currently are, I don’t believe that would be fair on you, the reader. So allow me to go back from when my epic journey as a human begun. It was 2 years ago, the year 1652, where I had accepted to go under some trials. Back then, my body was not human at all… my thoughts and decisions were slightly influenced by the human part of me, but I did not phase to kill nor destroy anything that I pleased. I felt no remorse… no pity… no sorrow.
The first trial was easy enough to complete, all that I had to do was solve a floor puzzle as water levels raised, before I drowned. It was a bunch of tiles with bizarre symbols, that all went together to form a bigger, extraordinary symbol, which opened the doors. It was not too difficult, being in my chaotic form back then; I was able to hold my breath for quite a while as the water filled the entire room.
Upon going through that door, my second task awaited. It was easier than my first trial. I was in a room of blazing fire; constantly shooting out of the walls, as huge boulders fell from the ceiling wildly. It was easier than the first task, mainly because I had demonic wings. All that I needed to do was get to the other side. So my wings went out to the sides as I jumped into the air and started to fly, avoiding as much fire and boulders that I could. I might’ve been hit by the fire a couple of times, but it did not affect me. I managed to avoid most of the boulders, except for one which smashed and damaged my left wing. Luckily I was near the end when this happened. I could no longer fly, so I used my wings like a parachute, using the wind coming from below to slow down the effect gravity had on me. I glided to the end of the trial, landing myself on the ground, out of harm’s way.
That’s when… the real trouble started. I was now on my final trial, the last test to gain my just rewards. But first... appearing in a forest, unable to fly with my damaged wing, I ran…

Chapter 1
The Final Test

Running… running through the darkness of the night, the shadows stalking me like I am their prey, darkening the sight from what my crimson eyes could see, the wind howling and rushing through my long blue hair, the trees swaying the opposite way; telling me to go back. I would not. I continued running, there was something there that was pulling me in; I just had to find out what. I continued racing through the freaky forest, towards whatever it was that was pulling me, it seemed that the way was eternal.
As I got closer and closer, I heard a ferocious roar coming from behind me, it was gaining close, I continued running, quickening my speed, needing to gain distance from the beast. I did not look back, so I did not know what it was. I could however, smell the disgusting stench that was coming from the creature. It continued to chase me, still roaring… it sounded hungry. I was not that scared of the beast however, but I did know that there was something more important awaiting me at the end of this forest, so I continued running.
I could see the end of the forest; it was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I finally made it to the end. I walked into the light and exited the forest, only to get hit by the blinding illumination. Eventually, the light passed after a few moments, and I could see the horror ahead of me. I was no longer in a forest, the roaring had ceased, and when I looked behind me, I saw nothing. The forest that I had just left had vanished. I had no idea what was going on, I was in a state of confusion. I looked ahead, starring right at the horror; it was like an angry beast, inviting me in to feel its wrath. I looked around, but there was nothing, even the wind had gone. It was an empty void with nothing but me and the horrific monster.
The horrific monster was looking right at me, with its sharp eyes full of hate and anger. I stared back, and simply grinned. I walked towards it at a normal pace. I could feel the dark souls within the beast were angry; it did not stop my objective though. I was here for a reason… and I refuse to back away now that I have made it so far. I continued walking towards the terror, not even phasing at what I could feel.
I was eventually face to face with it. I stopped as I stood right in front of the towering beast. I then slowly opened the mouth and entered inside. I entered, only to find myself in another strange place. This time… there was nothing… I found myself floating in a realm of darkness. There was nothing there. I didn’t feel right. This was supposedly the last task of my trial, but I had no idea what I was supposed to do.
Being in my confused state, trying to figure the whole thing out, I did not notice the young girl that was now right in front of me. Her long hair whooshing through the darkness, her eyes glistening like shining stars, the long white dress that slightly lightened up the darkness, she was not, however, wearing any shoes. I would have mistaken her for an angel, but she did not have a halo. Just who was this girl? And why was she dressed in such weird clothing?
“You look confused,” she said to me quietly, she seemed like quite a shy person. And she was right, I was confused.
“Who are you? And why are you dressed so weirdly?” I asked her, curious as to what was going on.
“The name’s Kia, nice to meet you Glenn,” she replied with a small smile. How did she know my name? “I have come… for your final task.”
“It’s not over yet?”
“No, there is one last thing you must accomplish, but are you sure that you want to do it? You may get hurt,” she answered. She seemed sympathetic towards me, but why? I have never seen this girl before in my life.
“Of course I do!” I retorted to the girl. I was not about to let some danger stop me. All that I wanted was the power that I could gain once it was over.
She sighed in response. “Very well then, good luck, your fight awaits you,” was her simple reply. She glared at me for a couple of moment, then clicked her fingers as she vanished and I appeared in yet another place.
I was in some sort of underground pit, with deadly spikes all around the walls. I looked up and saw that it was not just a pit, but also a cage. The cave walls were covered not only with spikes, but bones and blood as well. The stench alone was awful enough to make me pass out. I was not however going to let that stop me from accomplishing my goal, however… I did not know what I was meant to do here.
As if reading my mind, my ears heard something behind me started to start to move. Turning around, I saw a huge gate that started to rise, with a huge monster standing behind it, about the size of an ogre. It slowly walked out and into the pit, where the gates then closed again after the beast had entered. It had a ferocious stench to it of blood and death, the claws were sharp enough to slice through cliffs, its fangs would give vampires a run for their money, and its fur was bronze coloured, stained of blood. It stood on 2 feet, and had a huge bone club in one of its claws. I knew that if I didn’t kill this thing, then it would kill me.
I did not have any weapons what so ever, so I’d have to use my own claws. Before I could think, he slammed his bone club right at me, I jumped out the way, but was still effected from which the shockwaves from the blow which sent me flying into the wall, luckily, the part I hit did not have any spikes, otherwise the injury would’ve been more deadly.
I got back up on 2 feet and dodged his second blow completely. My body continued to move away, avoiding all of his attacks. I knew that I couldn’t win just by dodging his attacks, so I decided to go more onto the offensive. I ran towards the beast, dodging another attack he attempted with his club. I jumped up to get level with the beast’s head, and then I slashed him with my claws, causing him to drop his weapon and shriek in pain as he fell to the ground, putting his left claw over his wound.
“Is this all you got?” I said coolly. I was not going to let some filthy beast stop me from gaining my rewards. He roared in pain as I just stood there staring at him. I could sense him becoming stronger, his hate and rage filling up his adrenaline. I wanted to finish it quickly, the sooner I killed him then the sooner I could get my reward. I had an idea. I grabbed one of the smaller bones from around the pit and charged towards him once more, with the thought of jamming it right through his brain. He suddenly become quick however and slashed me away with his own claw, I screamed as I felt my flesh being ripped open as I was thrown away to the over side of the pit. He simply laughed, staring right at me. This was getting pathetic, I was not ready to die in a place like this, and I would not allow my powers to fail me. I stood up slowly and bared my claws once again, this time however, instead of charging directly to him, I ran faster and faster around the beast using my top speed. He tried slamming his claws on me, but missed every time, I was too fast for him and he became confused. I continued to circle him, laughing, and eventually I charged right towards him, using my right claw as a weapon, my claw thrusted through the front of his throat, causing him to fall back, and crash into the ground. I pulled my claw out, which was filthy from that disgusting creature’s blood. The creature was officially dead, and my test seemed to have been accomplished.
I saw the gate, from which the monster came out of, open once again. Ripping a clean part of the fiend’s fur off, I used it to wipe the blood off my claw. I walked out through the gate, and down a long corridor that was only dimly lit by candles in a crevice on each side of the wall. Not stopping, I continued to walk down the corridor. I changed my walk into a run, I wanted to get my reward from completing this trial, and the only way was to get to the end of this corridor.
Eventually my eyes saw a door at the end of the corridor. I stopped right in front of the door, seeing that the door was covered with demonic symbols, although I could not make out what it meant. I opened the door and walked inside.
Upon entering through the door, I was in a dark room with more candles lighting the place up. It had obviously not been cleaned lately as there were cobwebs and dust all over the walls and on the furniture. The stench was dreadful; but I ignored it. On the other side of the room, opposite the door was a hooded man whose cloak covered his entire body. He did, however, not have any aura that I could sense on him. I walked slowly towards him. He turned and looked back at me.
“Glenn… are you not? I have been awaiting you,” he said.
“Yeah, that’s me… I’ve completed the task, now where’s my reward?” I impatiently asked the guy.
“So you want your reward do you?” he replied to me. “Very well, you have earned it after all” He pulled out a black covered orb, which was covered with a dark aura. “This right here is your reward.” He threw it to me, and I caught it with my right claw.
“What am I supposed to do with this? And what does it do?” I asked the person.
“It will improve your demonic powers, and you will no longer age, since you are still human, you would normally age… this will see to it that you don’t,” he said back to me. ”No older than when you turn 22 anyway. Just absorb it into your soul.”
“This way I can live forever and become even more powerful.” I concentrated on the sphere, absorbing its powers. I could feel the dark impulse entering my body. Eventually, the orb was gone and I found myself a lot more powerful than I have ever been before!
“Congratulations on completing these trials and gaining you rewards,” he congratulated me. “Now what do you plan to do with these new-found powers?” I wasn’t really paying much attention; I was still focusing on my new power.
“Well… I don’t know yet, there’s still one more thing that I need to do before I can become fully powerful,” I replied with a simple sigh. “I was hoping these trials would be the case… I guess I was wrong. With my human side, I cannot unlock all of my powers.”
“I see… there is something out there that may help you, but you will have to find that out for yourself as even I don’t know what it is,” he informed me, catching my attention. “But here’s another gift for you, it’s Mikorai, a powerful sword that is meant for you. This is your true reward.” He handed me the weapon, which was in a black sheath. “Mikorai is one of the legendary weapons that exist. There were only ever 7 of these weapons that were made.”
“Mikorai huh?” I replied with a smile. “Then I guess that it will become useful.”
“Just know that if all 7 weapons fall into one’s hand, that person shall be indestructible, yet if you are not strong enough to wield such power, then you soul will be devoured and you will no longer exist in this world. You have been warned! Now you must go, I fear that this place will soon collapse, you must leave immediately.”
“WHAT?!” I shouted back to the guy. “And how am I supposed to-“
“Here, I will create a portal for you,” he retorted, cutting me off. “Enter; it is the only way out of here.”
“Fine,” I replied simply, stepping through the portal, only to find myself becoming unconscious.

Chapter 2

I awoke, opened my eyes slowly and saw the bright blue sky. I tilted my head to the side, realising that I was lying on a field. Slowly sitting up, my eyes could get a better idea of my surroundings. There were lots of flowers and trees around. I seemed to be alone however. I could also feel that my wings were no longer damaged.
‘Was it just a dream?’ I thought to myself, but I looked to the side of me and saw the Mikorai in its sheath right there. ‘It really wasn’t a dream!’
As I looked at where I had the wound from the creature, there was nothing. No wound and no blood. The tare in my cloth clothing however, was still there. My face had gained a huge smiled as I grabbed my sword and stood up slowly. I attached the sword to the side of my clothing. Pulling the sword from its sheath, my body could feel the demonic energies emitting from the sword, the sword itself was covered by dark shadows; it was definitely powerful. The grip of the sword was made of leather, with the end being steel with skulls on it. The point of which the grip touches the blade was pure silver, symbolizing some kind of dragon, coming outwards to the left and right. The blade part of the sword curves inward, meeting the end point directly in the centre. On the blade there are strange symbols which are of the colour red, but I did not know what it said. I needed to test out my sword somewhere.
All of a sudden, my ears heard a huge stomping noise coming from behind me. I turned around quickly, only to see a huge lizard-like creature.
“You, you have the stench of human in you!” He shouted towards me with a sinister grin. “Nice sword you have there. Hand it over and I might let you go in one piece.”
“No way am I handing my sword to the likes of you,” I retorted. “And seriously, take a bath would ya?” The stench coming from the creature was terrible; I swear he hasn’t bathed in years.
“Why you insolent little insect! I’ll crush you with all my might!” he shouted back at me, attempting to grab me with his claws. I simply jumped into the air, gracefully avoiding his attempt.
“That all you got?” I asked simply. “Mikorai!” I shouted as my claws used the sword and sliced the brute in two. “Pathetic…” I said simply. “Mikorai, let’s go have some fun,” I added, turning away and jumped off into the forest.
I was slightly disappointed that I could not sense any more demons nearby. I jumped further into the forest, and eventually I came across a small village that was not far from here. I had an evil grin on my face which would cause fear in people’s hearts and soul. I could also sense a powerful aura emitting from nearby.
I followed the aura, and eventually arrived at a cave. What I did not expect, however, was to find that the aura was coming from but a teenage human girl. Humans do not hold such an immense aura!

Chapter 3
Mystery Girl

I knew that she wasn’t normal, so I followed her closely. I jumped off the cliff and followed her through the forest by climbing across the tress. She didn’t seem to notice me, and she was definitely confused about something. She was like Kia, dressed in strange clothing, a sleeveless pink top and a pink skirt. Her dark brown hair that went down to her shoulders was blowing in the wind. I followed her further, and it seemed as if she was heading to that human village.
We got out of the forest, and like I predicted, she was heading to the human village. She entered walked towards the village but was stopped by the guards. The guards put their sharp spears to the young girl, ready to attack her when ever needed. The girl was scared to death. There was no way that she could hold such a powerful aura if she was scared of these weaklings… A young woman with short neck-length brown hair walked over to them and started to move her lips. I couldn’t figure out what they were saying, so I jumped to another house that was closer to them. The young woman then took the girl into one of the huts.
I jumped over to the side of the hut so I could listen to what they were saying; making sure that there was no one around that could see me.
“Who are you, young girl? Where are you from and why are you dressed like that?” the older female told the young one.
“They’re my clothes?” she replied, slightly confused. “And my name is Katie.”
“Nice to meet you Katie, my name is Catherine,” the older person smiled.
“I’m really confused,” Katie said. “One minute I was walking to school, and the next thing I know, a person named Kia starts talking to me and then I appear in a cave that’s not far from here.” ‘Kia?’
“You mean the Cave of Eternity?” Catherine asked. “People say that the Cave of Eternity has the power to alter reality, change dimensions as well as reversing and forwarding time.”
“So I came here from the future?” the younger girl asked, still as confused as ever.
“Possibly, or perhaps another world completely, it’s hard to say. There are thousands of possibilities of what could’ve happened.”
“And if I go back in that cave, I will go back to my own time or world?”
“It’s possible, but I cannot be so sure.”
“I see,” Katie replied with a sigh. “She also said that I needed to fulfil my destiny, whatever that meant.” I was still confused at how this girl could hold such an enormous amount of energy; she didn’t seem at all special… and why in the world would she get a visit from Kia?! It didn’t make any sense!
“The Cave of Eternity is supposedly where all the secrets of Destiny reside, in that cave you may find what your true destiny is,” Catherine answered the girl.
“So if I head into that cave, I’ll find out what I’m supposed to do?” the younger girl asked.
“Perhaps, but either way, you need to get back to your own time, it is not safe for you here,” Catherine told her. I could tell that she was definitely hiding something. “But take this with you,” she added, handing something to the girl.
“What is it?” Katie asked confused. Catherine whispered something to her that my ears could not hear. Did she know that I was listening to them?
“I will, thank you,” Katie replied simply. “I’ll be going to that cave now, thanks again.” The young girl then walked out of the hut and started to head away and of the village from the way she came in.
Once she was out of sight, I jumped to the front of the hut and walked inside. “Hello Catherine, I couldn’t help but hear something rather interesting, you’re gonna tell me everything you know about that cave,” I said with a grin on my face, claws ready for some slashing. “Got it?”
“Demon!” the women retorted. “What business is that cave to you?”
“I overheard your conversation, saying that cave can tell someone their destiny, and also that is has control over reality, dimensions and time… correct?”
“That is right, but why do you want to go there? Do you not know what your destiny holds? Afraid you may someday die, perhaps?”
“Me? Die? Yeah right,” I retorted, frustrated that the girl was not answering my question. “Why is it you sent that girl there? There’s no way she’s a normal person. Humans do not hold such powerful energies!”
“So you did not come here to speak to me, but to stalk that girl. Am I right?” She replied calmly. My reply was silent; I did not say anything in response, but was still annoyed. “Fine, but if you want to find out about that young girl, you should be talking to her, not wasting your time here.”
“You’re right, but I still want to know what item you gave her was.”
“That, demon, I cannot tell you,” she told me. “But the more time you waste here, the less of a chance you’ll have of catching her if she goes back to her own world.”
I knew she was right, if I did not leave now, then I may never catch up with the young girl. “Fine,” was my simple reply, as I ran out of the hut and chased the girl, back to the cave.
I raced through the forests quickly, needing to get there before the girl enters the cave. I could sense that the aura she was emitting was near the cave, so I quickened my pace. I eventually arrived to the open area where the cave was, and the girl was just about to enter. I immediately jumped out-side of the cave entrance, in-front of the girl, startling her. With my right claw up, ready to attack, I blocked her path. She stared frightened with her sapphire blue eyes... there was no end to their beauty… what am I saying?
“W-w-who are you?” she stuttered.
“The name’s Glenn… and I came to kill you. But before that I want to ask you, why is it you hold such a powerful energy?”
Her eyes widened in fear at the threat I gave her. “If… it’s because, I AM powerful! Now get out of my way or I’ll show you how powerful I am!” she shouted at me. What is with this girl?
“You’re not fooling anyone; I can see the fear in your eyes. You are afraid that I will kill you, and you should be. Do not resist and tell me what the item that Catherine gave you is.”
“How do you know she gave me something… what were you doing? Spying on me?!” she shouted back at me again. She was really stupid trying to provoke me like that…
“Yes, I followed you to that old woman’s house and overheard everything, how this is the Cave of Eternity that is said to hold the secrets of destiny, how it can alter dimensions, reality and time, how you are not from this place, which would explain those weird clothes of yours, and how that girl Kia brought you here, which I don’t understand, why would Kia go to a filthy human such as yourself?” I asked the girl in disgust. It did not make any sense what so ever!
“You… you stalker!” she shouted at me. She was really starting to annoy me. “You can’t just go around following and eavesdropping when people are having private conversations!”
“I can do whatever I want!” I retorted. “Now let me tell you a little secret… I am going to kill you and tear that soul from your body, then take that item off your hands, how does it sound?” I said evilly, causing the girl to be terrified.
In response, the girl didn’t say anything and just ran away. I used my dark demonic deathly wings to chase her at a steady pace, not wanting the fun to be over so quickly. I laughed manically and raised my arm, aiming the palm of my claw directly at the ground. I shot small dark spheres of destructive energy near the girl, missing every time deliberately. Each sphere caused a mediocre explosion on contact with the ground.
After a while of fun, I got tired so I shot one last sphere aimed for the girl’s feet. The sphere landed right behind her as she kept running, it exploded on contact with the ground. The shockwaves of the explosion however were enough to force the girl to the ground a couple meters ahead. She sat up slowly and turned to face me. “Ouchies,” she said in pain, with her knee cut and bleeding from the fall.
My wings glided towards the ground and my feet landed a few meters in front of her. I grinned. “End of the line, mortal.”

Chapter 4
The Rosary

“Heh, now what will you do?” I asked menacingly and started walking towards her slowly. I stopped and slammed my long demonic tail on the ground. “Last chance, who the hell are you?”
“Katie…” she replied quietly, obviously scared. “I’m just an ordinary girl that got mixed up in this world. Kia said that I needed to do something here, but I don’t know what it is. I just want to go home.”
“You want to go home? I can’t allow that to happen. Kia only visits people of importance; she does not visit just anyone. Kia is one of the Keepers of Destiny after all.”
“Keepers of Destiny? How am I important?” she asked me, sounding more curious than scared now.
“How am I supposed to know that? Kia came to me before, I accepted 3 trials, they were easy enough to accomplish, but Kia spoke to me before doing the final one,” I answered back. “She said that I may die and needed me to confirm that I still wanted to take on the challenge. Of course, I accepted. I took on that challenge and completed it with ease, I then gained my reward which was a power increase, as well as this sword; Mikorai.”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“The reason is simple; Kia came to you because you have a great power, a power which you have apparently not yet found. It lays dormant inside of you,” I replied, getting quite impatient. “Let me guess, all of a sudden you were floating in a realm of darkness when Kia spoke to you, am I right?”
“How did you-” she started but I cut her off.
“Because it is the same way I spoke to her. A long time ago, a friend of mine told me about the Keepers of Destiny; how they live secretly, protecting Destiny at all times, how their power can rival that of the Gods. She also said that it would be a real honour to meet one of them and how she wished one of them would contact her. She told me that only beings of great power have any chance of ever seeing one of them, and when you do see one of them… it is usually only because they have plans for you.”
“If I supposedly have this power, then why have I never seen it before in my life?” she asked back.
“Like I said, the power you hold, whatever that is, is dormant within you. It is not just a power however; it is a god-like power. The Keepers only go to people who have great powers to do their dirty work… yet I still have to find out why Kia came to me, it is all very confusing.”
“Yeah, I’m really confused too,” she agreed with me.
“However, time is short, so now I need to kill you so you will never be a threat to me,” I said and walked towards her again.
“Please, just let me go home! I won’t come after you, I promise!” she sobbed, as a tear ran down her face, fearing death. “Please…”
“If the Keepers of Destiny have plans for you, then you cannot make such a promise,” I answered back. “I will NOT take such a risk when I can end your miserable life right here and now!” I shouted and ran towards the girl with my claws ready to tear her apart.
Just then, an item that the girl had fell out of her jacket and onto the floor, I could see that it was a box. She closed her eyes in fear. I was closer to the girl, just a few more seconds and my claws would be covered with blood… The girl opened her eyes suddenly and quickly opened the box, she had a confused look but picked up the item and threw it right at me, I was blinded by a strong light, not knowing what it was. I felt huge electric jolt waves surging through my body; it was too much to bear. I could feel my spirit being ripped in two… the pain was intolerable. The next thing I knew; I was unconscious.
I awoke to find myself lying down on a soft surface. I kept my eyes closed, but my ears could hear Katie explaining the events that took place to Catherine. My body felt different however. I no longer felt the urge to kill, the urge to destroy… As my eyes opened slowly, I looked at myself, seeing how my body was now different. No longer did I have my wings, no longer did I have my tail, and now… what were once my claws were now human hands. As I looked down my body, I saw that I was wearing a necklace; a necklace that I did not have before. It was a solid silver sphere, with 5 spiky points coming out of it, 1 on the top, 1 on the side in each centre, 1 at the bottom, and 1 on each side between the bottom and centre spikes. It was securely attached to a strong chain around my neck. I was no longer the strong being I once was, I had changed, for I was no longer a powerful maniac. I was now… human.
“And then I threw the item that was inside that box at him, he started screaming in pain, and caused him to become unconscious,” Katie told the older girl. “Then something strange happened, as he was unconscious, he became like this, looking more human.”
“The item that I gave you is known as a rosary,” Catherine responded. “Rosaries are objects of great powers, which subdue dark energies. That is why he is now more human than demon, if, however, that rosary is ever removed, then the demonic side of him will return.”
“I see,” the young girl replied, sounding a bit afraid.
“It’s a chaotic side… or a dark side, I am no demon,” I corrected the woman and sat up. “So this necklace here is what severed my spirit in 2?” I asked the girls, not sounding as demanding as usual. “And if it was to be taken off, I will return to my old self?” I added, and went to touch the rosary, only to find myself being shocked. “What the?”
“You will not be able to take off that rosary, its power subdues your power, and therefore there is only one who can remove it,” the older woman replied looking at Katie, answering my question. She then looked back towards me. “Your spirit was severed in 2 because you were originally human, being possessed by the chaotic influence that your dark side had over you. So the rosary merely made you back to how you originally were. Although, if that rosary is taken off, your spirits will not be joined again, instead your dark side will be able to control your every will, and you will be even worse than you were before as your human side will no longer have any influence over your dark side. What is your name anyway?”
“It’s Glenn. How do you know so much about me?” I asked, curious as to how she did, considering that I haven’t seen her before today.
“I deal with these kinds of situations,” she replied simply with a faint smile. “There have been many attacks over the last couple of years, I have fought off demons, vampires, werewolves, trolls, ogres, you name it! That’s when I came to this town, you see, my mother lives in this town and was once the leader; however she has become dire ill and has asked me to protect the town for her. However I fear that her life is very short and may soon die,” she sobbed as a tear ran down her face.
“That’s terrible, I’m sorry to hear,” Katie replied, feeling sorry for the woman.
“Yes it is,” Catherine said with a sigh. “But that doesn’t matter now. You should return to your own world, Katie.”
“Yeah I guess you’re right,” the young girl replied with a sigh.
“I don’t know if it’ll be that easy,” I said simply. “If Kia brought her here, then there must be a reason for it.”
“That’s true, but it’s worth a try, if not then maybe you’ll find out what it is you need to do,” the older woman replied.
“You’re right, I’ll head right over to that cave then!” Katie exclaimed, rather excited.
“I might aswell tag along too, there are some questions that I need answers to aswell... if that’s okay with you of course?” I asked the brunette.
“Sure you can,” she answered. “Let’s go Glenn.” I just continued to sit there. “What’s wrong?”
“Where is my sword?” I asked simply, realising that I did not have it with me.
“Ah, please forgive me,” Catherine said as she got up and walked over to a wooden table. She pulled out the sword in its sheath from underneath the table and walked over to me. “Just be careful when using this sword, you are now human so there’s no telling what could happen,” she added, handing the sword to me.
“I’ve always been human… I’ll be fine, thanks,” I replied and stood up.
Katie just smiled and started walking out of the hut. “Bye bye!” she said loudly to Catherine. I followed her outside.
“Be careful!” Catherine told us as we left the hut.
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